Soul Food Cooking – The Healthy Way

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Soul food cooking has a storied reputation for good eating and lots of it. Sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread and more. People across America have made this southern cuisine one of the most popular American born taste delights. But medical research have branded traditional ways of cooking, preparing and seasoning soul food recipes as a health risk, especially if consumed in large quantities.

Health officials have blamed ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity on too much good eating of these items in the diet. Because of these findings a healthier, friendlier trend continues to take place. Soul food cooking and recipes continue to take on health-wise habits to meet the demands of consumers. Gone are the heavy deep-fried, lard -based cooking. The trend continues to go toward lighter cooking in lighter oils, for example.

Oils such as canola, peanut and olive have made the healthy transition and pushed out the artery clogging animal fats used in the past. Quicker cooking methods have always made a healthier impression on people’s eating habits as well. The older ways of boiling vegetables for hours in water continues to slowly fade away. Now more health conscious methods of preparing soul food recipes take their place. For example, stir frying and sauteing have made a popular impression on healthy soul food lovers. These methods help to save valuable vitamins and nutrients normally lost in the old ways of cooking vegetables.

Another change taking place comes from the seasoning used. In the past the main staples for adding flavor to our favorite soul food recipes came from pork products. For example, ham hocks, fatback, bacon and sausage. These items add too much fat, calories and other ailment causing symptoms to our bodies when eaten in large quantities. They also can cause flair-ups in those who have high blood pressure and other ongoing ailments.

Now soul food cooking turns more to healthier more natural plant based seasoning. For example, onion powder, whole garlic’s, garlic powder, turmeric, basil, and other natural herbs and spices. A popular replacement to season vegetables such as collard greens, black eye peas or beans use smoked turkey, turkey ham, turkey bacon or turkey sausage, instead of fatback or ham hocks.

By taking the time to use these suggestions you’ll find yourself eating healthier and feeling better without having to completely give up your favorite dishes. Soul food cooking continues to evolve with the times that’s healthier, lighter and friendlier.


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